Youths behave badly for Halloween

Screenshot of footage submitted to NBN News

TWEED POLICE spent Halloween responding to a number of incidents of youths behaving badly at Bogangar, Pottsville and Suffolk Park.

Police received several calls reporting teenagers in Halloween costumes throwing bottles, eggs, water balloons and chocolate at passing traffic on Ti Tree Avenue, Bogangar.

Upon police arrival the officers found a large amount of eggs and debris on the road and three males were observed throwing bottles at a vehicle.

The officers followed the males in a nearby alley where approximately 60 teenagers had fled from police.

The officers returned to speak to a motorist on Ti Tree Avenue whose vehicle had been struck with projectiles when the police car was also struck with bottles. The offenders fled from police who remained in the area for several hours to disperse the unruly crowd.

Tracey Mackellar posted to the Boganguardians Facebook page: “I just had my daughter return home very upset in tears as well as my granddaughter whom was getting pushed in her pram along Ti-Tree Av. Yes kids like to have fun, yes its Halloween but what kind of a ***holes pelt water balloons at mothers pushing babies in prams.

“I suppose we should be thankful last year it was fire extinguishers sprayed into children’s eyes.”

In Pottsville, a bus travelling on Overall Drive was struck by a projectile and had its windscreen cracked, fortunately no one was injured during the incident.

Inspector Bobbie Cullen from Tweed/Byron Local Area Command said officers were disappointed that they had to be diverted from other duties to deal with these incidents.

“Throwing projectiles of any kind at passing motorists could have resulted in serious injury or damage,” he said.

“Other groups of supervised children were also inconvenienced by this potentially dangerous behaviour.

“I urge these individuals to use some common sense by refraining from behaviour that puts others welfare at risk and for parents to take responsibility for their children.”

Residents have also complained about trick or treaters littering the streets and locals told The Weekly that youths gather on Ti Tree Avenue every Halloween.