“Could have been worse” says local firefighters after two incidents

Accident photo credit 468 Tweed Heads Fire Station4

SEVERAL ACCIDENTS took place across the Tweed last Thursday, March 16, including one near miss in a car verse garage and another man that broke his foot after a fall from the room.

Both incidents were reported by Tweed Heads Firefighters who said a motor vehicle accident with a car ending up into a town house at South Tweed occurred on Thursday, March 16.

“On our arrival the occupant was out of the car and luckily had no injuries. Tweed Heads Ambulance officers were treating one patient with minor injuries and Tweed Heads Police were in attendance,” the firefighter’s social media page said.

“Due to the extent of the damage FRNSW called for a structural engineer from Tweed Council to attend to assess the damage to the structure.

“The engineer inspected the property and made recommendations for the safe removal of the vehicle that would ensure the stability of the townhouse.

“The occupant of the property was evacuated from the premises pending the structural assessment.

“The vehicle was safely removed and accro props put into position to support the damaged structure whilst repairs are carried out.”

In the second instance the Tweed District Rescue Squad said during the same morning they were called to assist ambulance paramedics to rescue a man who fell from the upper level of his roof breaking his foot.

“Tweed District Rescue Squad this morning were called to assist ambulance paramedics rescue a man after he fell from the upper level of his roof breaking his foot.

“Ambulance paramedics were able to treat the patient whilst TDRS personnel set up a rope lowering system.

“Once the the patient was loaded in the stretcher, TDRS personnel assisted by Ambulance Paramedics and Police were able to perform a controlled lower, safely lowering the man to the ground.”

He was then transported to hospital by Ambulance.