Wollumbin Mt Warning rescue assisting stricken hiker


A THIRD climber in the month of July is currently being rescued (2.45pm) off Wollumbin Mount Warning (Monday, July 31) after she injured her leg and was unable to climb down.

Murwillumbah SES, VRA and Murwillumbah Ambulance officers were tasked with hiking 2.5 kilometres up, which is about halfway, to bring the girl down from the iconic Wollumbin National Park mountain.

Other local rescue teams from Uki Rural Fire Brigade and Murwillumbah Rural Fire Brigade also assisted with the rescue.

The girl’s age and whether she was a visitor or Tweed local were unknown at this time.

Murwillumbah SES Deputy Unity Controller John Macgregor-Skinner said the rescue was the third in July and follows a previous rescue at Numinbah.

Mr Macgregor-Skinner said a woman aged in her 60s had attempted to find the Bushman’s Track at Numinbah.

“She was walking back and it became extremely dark and she called for help due to visibility,” he said.

Mr Macgregor-Skinner said the woman was very able and a strong hiker, however the darkness hindered her ability to find the track so she decided to stay put and call for help.

Anyone visiting Wollumbin Mt Warning is reminded that the trail is considered an advanced hike and can take up to six hours round trip.

Please note that elders of the Bundjalung Nation request that visitors not climb the mountain as it is a sacred site. However, those that decide to climb are asked to be respectful, take their rubbish with them and respect the environment.

Information from Visit NSW states that: “Wollumbin is a sacred place of great significance to the people of the Bundjalung Nation. Under Bundjalung law, only certain people can climb Wollumbin, so consider choosing to respect their heritage.”