Will Quicksilver Pro score waves this year?

Matt Wilkinson of Australia (pictured) winning his Quarterfinal heat at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast on Wednesday March 16, 2016.

By Terry ‘Tappa’ Teece

WELL HERE we are in March, and you have to say that summer was a real dud for waves, only a couple of semi-decent swells, and nothing really to write home to mum about.

The Quiksilver Pro has been skunked for two years running, with pumping waves either side of the event for the last two years, and then nothing in the event window.

Could this year be different? We are a bit too far out for long range forecasts, but you would have to say with no real waves of consequence over summer they surely must score some pumping waves.

They have been preparing the bank too. Snapper Rocks stalwart Jay Phillips has told me, due to the lack of southerlies, there is no sand to pump from the sand bypass, so for the last few weeks we have had a dredge taking sand from the front of the bar and dropping it in front of Froggies, so the fabled “Behind the Rock” section will be in fine form should the swell arrive.

There has been some controversy as well, with locals blowing up over earthmoving equipment on the beach, and allegedly a utility seen leaving the beach with what witnesses says was half a tonne of rock from inside the Little Marley rocks.

With the Taj Mahal built on the beach maybe some rock was removed. I know if you did that in Hawaii there would be blood on the beach. Well let’s hope some swell comes soon for us all, and will be back with an update of the WSL goings on next week.

Kirra Teams Challenge set for next weekend

Friday 10 to Sunday 12th of March once again sees the Kirra Teams Chalenge hit the water, more than likely at Duranbah, but maybe, just maybe at Kirra Point.

It has been a really dry start to the season, so maybe they may luck out. Teams competing come from as far as Western Australia, South Australia and the whole East Coast of Australia from Werri beach to Noosa Heads.

The Boardrider’s Battle is the event with a lot of media spotlight, but the Kirra Teams Challenge with it’s rich history stretching over 30 years, is an event that every boardriders club in Australia wants to win.

The trophy is the classic Kirra eagle, and to lift the eagle is what every team wants to do.

Every surfer representing their club is the best at their local beach, and it gives the everyday local hero, a chance to take on some of the top WQS performers, and the many former World Tour surfers who now get to represent their club.

As always the club to beat will be the Snapper Rocks Surfriders, who along with host club, Kirra Surfriders have won the event more times than any other clubs.

Get along and check it out. It will be the best surfing outside the WSL you will see all year. Catch you in the waves…..