Whiz mechanic returns to Bray Park


BRAY PARK Fuel and Mechanical has announced the return of whiz mechanic Tim Leigh, 31, who after a couple of years in Brisbane has returned as the new workshop operator.

Owner Mark Fendley said he dragged Tim back after two years away honing his skills on cars, trucks and buses, all while experiencing the big smoke.

“It was a shame when we lost Tim at the time, but to get him back has been great,” Mark said.

“It was when the opportunity came up for a mechanic at the shop that Tim jumped at the chance.”

Tim Leigh has been dragged back to where it all began.

Mark said Tim, who was previously with Bray Park for six years, was among the fastest learning mechanical apprentices in the region after he completed his trade in 18 months.

“He’s become a great mechanic offering a thorough approach to every job,” Mark said.

But it hasn’t been smooth sailing for Tim, who was treated badly by his employers in Brisbane and experienced the heartache of losing two family members within a close timeframe.

“Brisbane was a great experience, but my employers were a bit dodgy and didn’t pay me properly,” he said.

“It was when I lost a family member recently that I tried to come home to Tyalgum after the funeral, when my Brisbane employer said I couldn’t go – so of course I had to quit.

“But it turns out the decision to come home was a good one and after experiencing Brisbane I certainly know what we have here in the Valley – it’s the best place in the world.”

Mark said while Tim’s skills under the hood are exceptional, he does need help with the management of running a business.

“I’m planning on helping him keep the books balanced and ensure the business is running well,” he said.

“Tim knows how to be a great mechanic, but he will need some help with the management.”

There is also a plan for Tim to purchase the mechanical shop and someday takeover.

Tim, who is Indigenous, may also be eligible for the Aboriginal Board of Entrepreneurs Grant to help him get started.

He also offered some advice to other young people looking for work or finding their journey.

“I think if you like something try and develop that like into a passion and be the best you can be,” he said.

To find out more or to book a service or repair with Tim phone Bray Park Fuel and Mechanical (02) 6672 4240.