Tweed’s best Christmas lights

Toolona Street Banora Point

THE WEEKLY went in search of some of the finest Christmas light decorations on the Tweed last Sunday, December 11, with some standouts at Stokers Siding, Bilambil Heights and Banora Point.

Bilambil Heights residents Mark and Madonna Goulding have been decorating their Simpson Drive home for many years after carrying on the tradition from Mark’s mother who passed away last year.

Each year in support of Santa, Mark and Madonna dress as Santa Claus and Mrs Claus to spread some Christmas cheer.

Mark and Madonna Goulding

“After mum passed away from cancer, we wanted to keep the Christmas lights going for her,” he said.

“The lights are actually a part of a Simpson Drive Christmas lights competition and it’s great that many of the residents get involved.”

The lights are just a small part of what makes Mark and Madonna’s light display great. It’s their openness and friendliness to passing families that captures the true meaning of Christmas.

ANOTHER MUST see Christmas light display is at Goody and Jim Smith’s home at Toolona Avenue in Banora Point.

Goody said the display has been extremely well received by residents and visitors with plenty of big and small Christmas objects to gaze at in wonder.

Goody and Jim Smith

“We raise money for the Starlight Foundation each year, with around $1540 raised last year,” she said.

“It’s a great way for us to get into the Christmas spirit, but it’s also great meeting so many different people who praise our efforts.”

However, Goody said the decorations have been a target by vandals.

“It’s a shame to think that anyone would vandalise the displays,” she said.

“But it has happened recently which was disappointing, although it doesn’t sway our Christmas cheer.”

Christmas lights list

1. McNamara Xmas lights
6 Central Parade, Murwillumbah

2. Joanne’s Lights
85 Commercial Road, Murwillumbah

3. Central Parade, Hundred Hills

4. Castlefield Drive, Murwillumbah

5. Coral Fern Circuit, Murwillumbah

6. White family Christmas Lights
35 Summer Hill Close, Stokers Siding

7. Mark and Madonna Goulding
39 Simpson Drive, Bilambil Heights

8. Goody and Jim Smith
Toolona Street, Banora Point

Entire streets:

1. Simpson Drive, Bilambil Heights

2. Woodfull Crescent, Pottsville



  1. Whilst the effort and the raising of money for charity is absolutely fantastic, the attitude to the other residents in these streets is not. At no time were the residents warned of the impending onslaught – Constant slamming of car doors, blasting car horns, loud talking, screaming children, fire engines and Santa Claus with sirens blazing also do nothing for the sanity either – think about it folks – if I were to do any of the above outside your bedroom window, would you be as happy as me ?

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