Few surprises on lengthy Tweed Council ballot draw


SEVENTY-SIX candidates will vie for seven Councillor positions at the October 29 Tweed Shire Council election.

The ballot was drawn this afternoon at the NSW Electoral Commission office in Tweed Heads South.

The 76 candidates comprise of 15 groups and four individuals.

Current Tweed Shire Councillor Warren Polglase drew the number one spot on the ballot paper.

Pryce Allsop who missed the registration deadline for the now rescheduled election drew the eighth position. His group includes Jenny Unwin, Bill Larkin, Anni Brownjohn, Jeffrey Gosel and Brent Saddler.

New candidates on the ballot include former Tweed Shire Councillor and Mayor from 2010-2011 Kevin Skinner who leads Group J. He did not contest the 2012 council election and was a candidate for the 2013 federal election for the seat of Richmond.

Kevin Skinner
Kevin Skinner

The other new group is headed by Tweed Heads resident Kaye Sharples who contested the previous election with the campaign slogan ‘No Political Parties in Local Government’ and secured 4.7 per cent of the primary vote.

The ballot draw is as follows;

1. Group A: Polglase, W (Independent)

2. Group B: Cherry, C (Independent)

3. Group C: Henry, J (Independent)

4. Group D: Milne, K (Greens)

5. Group E: McNamara, M (Independent)

6. Group F: Owen, J (Liberal)

7. Group G: Holdom, D (Independent)

8. Group H: Allsop, P (Independent)

9. Group I: Longland, B (Independent)

10. Group J: Skinner, K (Independent)

11. Group K: Bagnall, G (Independent)

12. Group L: Byrne, C

13. Group M: Cooper, R (Independent)

14. Group N: Byrnes, R (Country Labor)

15. Group O: Sharples, K (Independent)

The four individual candidates are;

1. Andrews, Dion (Independent)

2. Hudson, Suzy (Independent)

3. Das, Mathuranatha (Independent)

4. McKenzie, James (Independent)

See tomorrow’s print edition for candidate Q&As and further Tweed Shire Council election news.