Track good to go for Sunday race meet


RACING IS set to make a strong return to the Tweed River Jockey Club on Sunday, June 4, with a full book of local races and plenty of excitement building for the June racing schedule.

Track inspectors from the Northern Rivers region took a close look at the racing surface on Saturday, May 27.

They were satisfied with the level of grass coverage on the racing surface for the meeting to be conducted safely on Sunday, June 4 – weather permitting.

Stewards were satisfied with the improvement of grass on the surface following the club’s last meeting being abandoned on May, 8.

The grass coverage had become a concern on May 8, after showers overnight and early to mid-morning on the race day whereby the rain had softened the upper layer of the racing surface resulting in it being easily displaced, especially where there was limited grass cover between the 1200m and 800m marks.

This was subsequent to the circuit being submerged by floodwater for an extended period of time during the Tweed flood.

Jockey Club manager Brian Charman told The Weekly in May that the club’s staff and volunteers had put in a massive effort to restore the track and were eager to bounce back for the June racing season.