Surfing to Become an Olympic Sport at Tokyo in 2020


Well it was big celebrations last week when surfing was announced as a Gold Medal Medal Sport at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. Talking to a few grommets, it is something they can all set their dreams on a goal of Olympic Gold as well as a World Champions crown. Being four years away it will be the chance for the grommets of our sport to be able to represent the green and gold.

But what I reckon the interesting question is…. Where will be the venue? Will it be the ocean, or will it be the Kelly Slater wave pool? You heard it here first folks, I reckon there will be a wave pool at the Tokyo Olympics. You have the media and the tight schedule of the olympics, what happens if there is a flat spell for a week. We all know about those. A wave pool in a stadium would be a perfect way to showcase surfing, and it would be totally fair with mother nature not having any say. All surfers get the exact same number of waves, and the exact same waves. It will come down to a surfers performance on their waves on the day.

Anyway that is what I reckon will happen…. I’ve got four years until I’m proved right or wrong. Who will be the Aussie surfers to represent? Well it will be the surfers of the new school now, or the ones yet to hit the world stage. I already know the grommets I have talked to they are frothing on it..

Catch you in the waves – is looking average this weekend though…………….