Support our art wall at the Earth Learning Riverbank Breakfast

Join in the fun at the Earth Learning Riverbank Fundraising Breakfast (L-R) Gary Bagnall, Erwin Weber, Musician Sarah Sigley, Adrienne Weber, Delle Emery and (front) Phonenix and Willow

A FUNDRAISER to continue the iconic Murwillumbah Riverbank Restoration and Open-air Gallery Art Mural will take place this Sunday, January 22, from 8.30am.

Residents and visitors are invited to the Breakfast by the Riverbank event at McIlraith Park, which is opposite the Murwillumbah Services Club next to the Tweed River Bridge on Commercial Road.

Entrance is $15 per head which includes freshly prepared local food, live Celtic music on flute and guitar and a talk by local botanist Luis Weber about the Tweed’s unique plant life. Catering is compliments of New Leaf Cafe and Magic Mountain Health Foods.

The mural, which depicts the history of flora and fauna across the Tweed spanning millions of years, is about 20 per cent complete and the extra funds on the day are hoped to help continue the mural.

The mural depicts humpback whales and green turtles swimming as they have done for millions of years past Cook Island with the waves crashing onto the basalt rocks at Fingal.

So far several artists have contributed to the wall including local artist and Pharside Skate Shop (Queen Street) owner Tony Lawrence who will also be there on Sunday demonstrating his amazing spray art.

Earth Learning coordinator Adrienne Weber said proceeds from the Riverbank Breakfast will go towards continuing the mural illustrating jabiru and magpie geese in local wetlands.

“It will show our unique lowland rainforests and Antarctic Beech mountain forests that long ago, covered most of Australia and can still be seen here today,” she said.

“The mural takes us back in time to past eras when cassowaries, megafauna and giant birds roamed this land.

“Back to 20-million years ago, when the Wollumbin / Mt Warning volcano was erupting with molten lava, to times past when Australian dinosaurs, horned turtles and platypus with pointed beaks and teeth lived nearby.

“The Murwillumbah Riverbank Restoration and Open-air Gallery is creating a safe place for visitors and local community of all ages to reconnect with the river which is our greatest asset.”

The first stage of the project has been funded by 25th Anniversary Landcare Grants, Tweed Landcare, Murwillumbah Services Club and Tweed Shire Council. Tweed Shire Councillors have voted to support the continuation of the riverbank restoration and Earth Learning is seeking your support.

Elders Real Estate has also generously donated $1000.

If you would like to help please contact Adrienne Weber on: 0432917555 or visit

Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Further to this, Earth Learning will also be launching a new picture book for kids called “GOLD” which is about the local wildlife of the Gondwana rainforests.

The book has been beautifully written and illustrated by children’s author Jane Stadermann and will be available soon.