Special children’s performance raising funds for Milk Bank

Kayelene Carruthers

THIS WEEK I’m talking to Kayelene Carruthers, a children’s performer who will be playing a special concert at the Tugun Progress Hall on February 4 to raise funds for the Mother’s Milk Bank.

Kayelene first started teaching singing at the age of 16. When she was performing she would often have women approach her for singing lessons.

She figured out at a young age that there was something in her performance that gave others the idea they could have access to that themselves.

Over the years she did a lot of research and from no formal qualifications she went to University to study a double degree, majoring in Philosophy, and Creative Writing and doing electives in Visual arts, Psychology and Music Theory.

She didn’t study teaching because she realised that what she was doing was not just teaching but that it was about language. She focused her studies on Psychology and Philosophy and then the science of Neurology.

That equipped her to work with children, both the very gifted and most particularly the ones who were struggling with disability.

These children were responding in the same way, suggesting that there was something in the material itself that was connecting at a neurological level as well as emotionally. It’s all about leading them to develop that neural connection that they are then able to use to do other things.

The special Music for Milk event will kick off with a concert by Kayelene & Co at 10.15am.

There will be time after for morning tea and for some fun activities such as ‘Make your own Pirate hat’, ‘Learn Some Dance Steps’, ‘Play the Late for School Blues’, ‘Do the Dinosaur Rock’ and more.

For a small donation, kids can have a professional photo taken with Kayelene or their favourite character from the company (the pirate is always a popular choice!)

The event will culminate in a ‘Pop Up Performance’, in which everyone who wants to play a part can join Kayelene & Co on stage for a fun-filled reprise of their favourite songs from the concert.

There will be costumes and simple props to share, and a few musical instruments provided, but children should bring along their own instrument if they have one.

The Kayelene & Co. CD will also be available to purchase, with all proceeds going directly to the Mothers Milk Bank.

The Mothers’ Milk Bank collects, screens, pasteurises and distributes donated human milk to Australian infants in need.

Family tickets are $20 with all proceeds going to the Mothers Milk Bank.
For more information about the Milk Bank phone 0413 727 545. Kayelene also has lessons available at Tweed Creative Studios in Murwillumbah phone (02) 6672 5556.