Sand dune “doof” party shut down at Pottsville


TWEED POLICE shut down a “doof” party with more 150 youths drinking booze and music tent setup on sand dunes near Cudgera Avenue on Saturday, January 28.

Police said it was 11pm when they received information that the Party was being held on the sand dunes at Tweed Coast Road, Pottsville, about 300 metres north of Cudgera Ave.

Police said a shade tent, complete with disco lights, speakers and music, had been setup and there were about 100-150 youths drinking alcohol throughout the dunes.

“A large number of these youths were intoxicated and as a result were putting their lives at risk. Some of these youths were not in control of their faculties and were stumbling on the dark roadway,” a police statement said.

Police closed the party down and spent considerable time ensuring the youths were dispersed safely.

Police said the matter was now being investigated and “action will be taken against the organisers”.

“We remind parents to be vigilant regarding their teenager’s whereabouts, alcohol and drug consumption. These parties are unsupervised and not a safe environment for youth,” the statement reads.