Railway Street residents fed up with illegal activity


MURWILLUMBAH RESIDENTS living on Railway Street say they’re fed up with the nearby Men’s Shelter (pictured above) attracting what many believe is criminal activity.

The concerns have reached a tipping point for many homeowners and Tweed Police could soon be calling for the Men’s Shelter to be closed, in a bid to prevent any further misuse of the premises.

A Railway Street resident, who preferred not to be named, said the police were again present at the Men’s Shelter (Barracks) every day for the past week sometimes up to three police vehicles.

“The major concern is that there’s mostly families that live on this street and the number of police raids and police presence is unsettling,” she said.

“The Railway Street Men’s Shelter has become a major issue for the street and it’s being misused. We’ve seen chemicals around the centre and some very suspect looking characters, which means we have to keep the kids indoors.”

Police officers told residents that there was nothing to be concerned by in relation to the chemicals, which were later found to be cleaning products, however the resident said: “why all the cop cars?”.


“Some mornings there’s more than three police vehicles parked near the shelter, and while we appreciate the police saying there’s nothing to worry about, it seems like a regular problem that needs a solution,” the resident said.

Further to this Tweed Police said they arrested five people who allegedly forced their way into the Men’s Shelter at Railway Street and confronted a male victim.

“The five alleged offenders have restrained and assaulted the victim with punches to the head. The victim was secured face down on the floor and had his arms tied behind his back,” the police report said.

“Triple zero (000) calls lead police to the unit and discovered the victim on the floor with some of the alleged offenders restraining him.

“NSW Ambulance was called and treated the victim for injuries to his face including a cut on his bottom lip which required sutures.

“All five alleged offenders were arrested. Detectives were called to the location and investigations were undertaken. All alleged offenders were charged with various offences from Affray, Aggravated Break and Enter and Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm.”

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