Popular burger bar meats demand


BY POPULAR demand the already much-loved Mental Lentil Burger Bar on Murwillumbah Street has unveiled a new menu from today (Thursday, October 12) in a move designed to balance up the restaurant’s offerings and widen the Burger Bar’s appeal.

The new menu will be aptly named ‘Beef & Leaf’.

Their vegetarian/vegan burgers are already proving hugely popular, according to owners Terry and Tracey Vine, who said the popular vote from customers was that their burgers rock.

However, Terry and Tracey said it’s imperative to also offer non-vegetarian options for many of the existing customers whose partners/friends are not vegetarian, but would still like to dine out together.

Also, many more people said they would enjoy our place but only if there was a non-vegetarian option available too.

“We will remain the Mental Lentil Burger Bar as everybody seems to love the quirky/fun name, but now we’ll have a 50/50 beef & leaf menu. An equal choice for everyone,” Mr Vine said.

“All our top quality produce is being sourced locally through Tweed Fruit Exchange, Pita Line, A&B Blue Ribbon Meats, all on Murwillumbah Street and our selection of burger buns from Wollumbin Street Bakery.”

“We’re keeping things local and the menu is all about having a fifty/fifty balanced option for our vegetarian customers as well as our new non-vegetarian customers.”

Mrs Vine said the business had been positive on the most part, but they were turning away far too many other potential customers that want a traditional burger.

“Over the three months we’ve been opened we’ve had numerous non-vegetarians tell us how amazing our Lentil, Mushroom and Vegetable burgers are and they’re often very surprised! However, they also want other options,” Mrs Vine said.

Mr Vine said he had been working on his beef Pattie recipe for a long time and will also be offering a barbeque pulled pork burger, marinated chicken burger and last but not least, a classic BLT and bacon & egg burger.

“We’re also sticking with our theme and giving the burgers names such as the ‘Mental Lentil’, ‘Magic Mushroom’ & Bubble and Squeak Burgers,” he said.

“We will also introduce a new Haloumi cheese burger; just need to think of a catchy name now.”

The couple said the move was designed to embrace everyone in the community.

“We want to embrace the whole community and this expansion is more about providing a balance and choice for everyone,” Mr Vine said.

“It also makes good business sense.”

There will also be no cross-over contamination with meat to vegetables as they are in separate working areas and are a basic hygiene requirement.

Visit Mental Lentil Burger Bar at 91 Murwillumbah Street and try something from they’re new ‘Beef & Leaf’ Menu or to find out more phone the shop on: (02) 6672 6850.