Petition for Kingscliff skate park


TWEED RESIDENTS are throwing their support behind a petition to encourage Tweed Shire Council to build a skate park and family space at Kingscliff.

The petition, which is online via, has so far received 475 signatures (at time of print) with a target of 500.

“Kingscliff is one of the many beautiful towns in the Tweed Shire, there is only one small problem – there is no space dedicated for the youth and young families of the town to enjoy,” the petition reads.

“This is why we are seeking your signature for our petition to show our community leaders how much of a necessity skate park and family space is for the town.

“Skate parks build and sustain healthy communities.

“As a gathering place for dedicated, athletic youth, the skate park provides the forum for visitors young and old, beginning and skilled, to meet and share experiences.

“For many skateboarding youth, the skate park becomes a home-away-from-home.”

One of those residents to sign the petition said the skate park could help keep local kids occupied and away from bridge jumping and other activities.

“I currently take my son and daughter to Tugun and end up getting refreshments in Coolangatta afterwards, we would prefer to be spending that time and money in our hometown,” the signature writer said.

“Good for the kids, visitors, local business, property investors, holiday makers, families, good for everyone.”

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