Meetings to discuss solar and battery storage


TWEED SHIRE renewable energy provider The Solar Man is hosting two free public information sessions to discuss home battery power and the future of energy use with a Tesla representative on hand to present the latest information.

The two sessions will take place on Tuesday, January 16, with the first session at 10.30am and the second at 6pm at the South Tweed Community Hall on the corner of Heffron Street and Minjungbal Drive.

Local solar expert Arnaud Cugy from The Solar Man will be hosting the two free battery information sessions and will speak about specific opportunities for 2018.

Mr Cugy said he had structured the sessions to be broad, suiting home and business owners with or without solar.

“I will share inside industry information relevant to local homes and businesses,” Mr Cugy said.

“It will be the ideal opportunity to ask any specific questions you may have about your own property, or to learn about the latest technologies available.”

One of the biggest questions to be raised is whether battery storage is worth it.

According to The Solar Man, South Australia has the highest electricity prices in the world with NSW and Queensland following close behind.

“The latest report by the Clean Energy Council shows almost half our dreaded quarterly bill goes towards paying for the infrastructure that delivers our electricity,” a spokesperson for The Solar Man said.

“Solar and ‘off-grid’ discussions are becoming a hot topic and for good reason. A large proportion of a grid owners’ income in Australia depends on the valuation of the network. The basis of this deal has seen a massive infrastructure upgrade to the country’s grid over the past 25 years.

“This upgrade far surpasses the needs of the current supply system and has been widely criticised. To put it into perspective, the entire US network powering 135 million homes is valued at $US100 billion. The Australian network is valued at $US75 billion and powers a much more conservative nine million homes.

“To rub salt in the wound the US typically pay around half the price for their average electricity bill.

“In short, regardless of energy consumption the grid owners are under an agreement in Australia whereby they will always earn a percentage of their total asset worth. In other words, when usage goes down prices can go up to cover their shortfall.

The spokesperson said that now more then ever we need viable solutions and with batteries becoming more accessible 2018 is picked to be “The Year of the Battery”.

“This solution is much more cost effective and will produce savings significant enough to create a lucrative return on investment,” the spokesperson said,

“It also means you will have Australia’s $75 billion gold plated grid to back you up should you have a spike in your electricity usage.

“By connecting a battery to your rooftop solar system, you can store and generate the majority of your own power.

“You will gain more control over the excess power you generate, be more self-sufficient, and by staying grid connected you can still maintain a level of security and peace of mind provided by the high-tech infrastructure on offer in Australia.”

For more information or to reserve your space please call Paige on 0424 310 443.