Local sounds with Chantal Waters


HI ALL, welcome to another edition and instalment of Local Sounds. The local sounds column is written by various team members at Tweed Creative studios and this week I wanted to give you an insight into where these articles come from.

At Tweed Creative Studios we have eight team members who play various roles within the studio. For example, Phil repairs amps and guitars, he is the guitarist in a rock n roll band PPR Express and teaches guitar, ukulele, bass, banjo and mandolin. Phil is passionate about music and has plenty of advice to give regarding playing styles, instruments and techniques.

Brad heads up the regional office for Pushworth which is Queensland’s leading entertainment agency. Brad is always on the hunt for great acts to play regular gigs within a 200 km radius. He also helps venues find the right act for their venue.

Louise repairs computers and iPhones but is also an avid mandolin player and loves bluegrass music.

Bryan spends half his time between Tweed Creative Studios and Los Angeles, and has recorded various artists including, Powderfinger, Will Calhoun (Living Colour) and Michael Stipe (REM). Bryan is also a performer who plays guitar and sings.

Kev, Lin and Taz love to collect and sell old wares, retro wares and vintage collectibles. They have a dedicated area at the studio to display their wares which are popular with the tourists.

And finally myself – I opened the studio in November 2013 to fill a gap in the music industry in Murwillumbah. It all started with the NEIS program. I wasn’t sure whether we would even make it to one year. But with a lot of local support here we are nearly 3 years later and still going strong in the community. My vision is to encourage people and especially young people to get out there and have a go. As a second hand dealer I sell instruments on consignment to and for the local people. I hire out PA’s and wireless mics. I also sell strings and accessories and have a very comfortable rehearsal room that is air conditioned and fully equipped. Over 285 bands have played in the studio since we opened.

I must also mention the various excellent teachers at the studio, including Mohini Cox (piano and singing), Rex Carter (drums), Lissy Stanton (singing and piano) and Fiona Ryan (piano). These teachers are all industry professionals with WWC checks and are available at the studio for lessons. Till next week keep on rocking on.