Ladies left hanging for male stripper show – free tickets on offer

"Where's our boys!" Sydney Hotshots fail to turn up at Tweed Heads.

THE SYDNEY Hotshots failed to turn up at the Ivory Tavern in Tweed Heads last night, leaving more than 40 ladies disappointed.

The Weekly had also given one lucky lady free tickets following a print advertising campaign and ticket giveaway.

The ticket winner had never been to a male stripe tease show and was extremely excited.

“Just letting you know that I am so disappointed about tonight,” she wrote to The Weekly editor on the night.

“Firstly I never heard from your (Sydney Hotshots) publisher. No tickets came forward for me and the Hotshots never even turned up. What a waste of my night.”

The Weekly contacted Ivory Tavern management who said they were also left in the dark by the Sydney Hotshots failure.

“It was huge disappointment for the ladies, we had more than 40 people here ready for the show and they didn’t turn up,” one of the Ivory staff members told The Weekly.

“We later found out the tour bus broke down and we refunded all the tickets – they could have contacted us though.”

The Weekly has since contacted the Sydney Hotshots Entertainment who were extremely apologetic and are now offering any Tweed Heads ladies free tickets to the Brunswick Heads on Sunday, November 13, show.

“We can confirm that the Hotshots bus did break down and we’re extremely sorry to anyone that missed out on the Tweed Heads show,” a Hotshots PR representative said.

“We’d like to make it up to the ladies and offer anyone who missed out at the Ivory Tavern a free ticket to the Brunswick Hotel, limited to 20 people.”

Anyone who missed out on the show can phone (02) 9659 4111 and ask for Ally and she will organise you with a free ticket (limited numbers) please call asap.



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