Kool Kids offers outstanding service in early education


KOOL KIDS Early Learning Centre at Casuarina is offering an amazing new model of early education that’s helping children achieve their full potential during the early stages of learning.

The centre achieves this by providing a facility that is an extension of the family home with a variety of cultural and ethnical backgrounds in mind.

The centre also welcomes children with special needs and educators integrate all children within the curriculum. Kool Kids was founded by Bruce and Carolyne Coulson about 14 years ago.

Bruce said the centre’s philosophy was to build a strong foundation for learning in a child’s early development.

“Our journey began with one centre in Miami which was run down and badly in need of renovations. The centre was running at 60 per cent occupancy and within two months of improving the facilities the centre reached 100 per cent occupancy,” he said.

“We quickly realised that the industry was lacking high quality child care centres with great resources and a real family, hands on approach.

“Soon after our success with the first centre we purchased another and repeated the process. We went from approximately 70 per cent occupancy to 100 per cent again within two months.”

Bruce said it was at this stage the Kool Kids team realised they needed to build centres from the ground up and that when the centres were finished they needed to reflect the complete Kool Kids feel.

“The centres had to be developed with consistency in mind to provide a clear difference between a Kool Kids centre and the rest,” he said.

“We pride ourselves on the ways in which we design, build and resource each centre and believe we must improve on each new centre that we develop.

“It takes months to get our designs just right, to develop our external grounds, to get our colours right.

“We go over every inch of a centre until perfection becomes a reality.”

Bruce said Kool Kids aims to provide quality learning environments, teachers and educators to prepare children for school and make them more equipped than any competitor in the field.

“Children leave our centres more than ready for the next stage of their learning journey at School,” he said.

“To start a child at school without the best start is failing the child and failing their family.

“In all our Kool Kids centres children are taught a second language by a qualified language teacher who is fluent in both Japanese and English”.

“Throughout each year, nine language modules are taught to each child.

“Children can also participate in Skype lessons with our sister centre in Japan.

“We provide Music Lessons taught by a qualified Music Teacher who uses a variety of teaching methods to expand children’s appreciation of music.

“Our centres also house Art Studios like you would see within primary schools, where we provide art programmes taught by our qualified Art Teacher. Our Art Lessons are available to all age groups.”

Mr Coulson said Kool Kids centres provide all meals across each day of attendance.

“These nutritionally balanced meals are prepared by our Chefs daily and families are emailed our menus on a weekly basis,” he said.

“Children’s individual dietary requirements can usually be catered for.

“Our focus on health and nutrition also flows into our MasterChef Kitchen where children have opportunities to do some cooking of their own in a specifically designed area of the centre.

“Each day picture text messages are sent to every family showing what their child has been doing through their day at Kool Kids.

“We also email families each day with a learning story written by an educator from your child’s room describing some of the experiences and fun each child has had during the day.

“Communication is a high priority for our teachers and educators and we provide an open-door policy for families to come and join the fun and learning.”

Mr Coulson said Kool Kids also aimed to engage parents in their child’s progress and accomplishments.

“We believe in open lines of communication based on mutual respect and a desire to promote each child’s learning and well-being,” he said.

“At Kool Kids, we strive to develop trust, respect and responsibility among all relationships.

“We value the need of the child as paramount and strive to remain open so that all voices can be heard, all possibilities realised and all potential fulfilled.”

To find out more about Kool Kids visit their website www.koolkids.com.au or email enquiries@kkcasuarina.com.au