Kingscliff Podiatry offers the latest in 3D foot scanning


Kingscliff Podiatry now has the latest 3D Foot scanning technology for custom orthotic manufacture.

3D Laser scanning technology has taken a huge forward stride in the past six months with the introduction of mini scanners which clip onto an Ipad and utilise the camera to comprehensively measure foot shape in seconds. The scan is then used by a high powered computer programme to design the orthotic shape according to the Podiatrists prescription.

The orthotic is then cut out of the highest quality materials by a computer controlled router in a local laboratory and hand finished. The result is a pair of custom orthotics made to the best industry standards available which will last many years.

Kingscliff Podiatry can assess your foot biomechanics to check for any abnormalities which may contribute to any symptoms you may have. Any Biomechanical abnormalities can be addressed with custom orthotic therapy which translates to pain relief.

Hyper-rockered shoes are another tool in the Podiatrist’s tool box for treating certain biomechanical issues. Patients that can particularly benefit from this technical shoe design include individuals suffering from painful fixed or partially fixed big toes after surgery or from severe Osteoarthritis, Ankle pain, Bunion pain, mid-foot Osteoarthritis, Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, and lower back pain.

The shoe works by having an enhanced curve in the forefoot which starts further towards the heel than in a standard shoe, and is deliberately stiffened. This means the big toe and ankle don’t need to bend as much as in normal gait and therefore have far less force placed upon them during walking which translates to less pain.

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