Geoff hopes to turn back the clock on daylight savings


MEMBER FOR Tweed Geoff Provest is hopeful Daylight Saving in NSW will end a month earlier next year if a Bill introduced in State Parliament today is successful.

“While the issue of daylight saving always provokes a passionate debate – some people love it and some want it gone completely – most people agree that the last month is a pain, it simply drags on for too long”, Mr Provest said.

A Private Members Bill – the Standard Time Amendment (Daylight Saving Period Reduction) Bill – was introduced in the State’s Upper House today by Nationals MLC Trevor Khan.

“The Bill essentially reverses the extension to daylight saving which was pushed through Parliament with little consultation in 2007,” Mr Provest said.

“I’ve been working on this legislation with my Nationals colleagues from country NSW, particularly the new Parliamentary Secretary for Northern NSW, Adam Marshall, who has also been a passionate advocate for change.

If successful, the legislation will bring the end of Daylight Saving forward one month, from the first Sunday in April to the first Sunday in March each year. The change would take effect for the upcoming Daylight Saving period.

Mr Provest advised that the majority of residents in Tweed don’t have a problem with Daylight Saving as such, but become frustrated with the confusion caused by the different time zone in Queensland for much of the year.

“The consequences are not only social but are also economic, impacting on business, and disrupting family life in this cross-border community,” Mr Provest said.

“I think it’s a good comprise. We’ll still have five months of daylight saving but the final and most troublesome month will be removed.”

Mr Provest said he expected the Bill to be debated in parliament before the end of the year.