Featured Business: The Yoga Sanctum


The Yoga Sanctum is run by Shri Ramanuja, a highly certified Senior Level Iyengar yoga teacher who has been teaching Iyengar yoga professionally for over thirty five years.

She was very fortunate to spent many years under the guidance of the late yoga master, Sri B.K.S. Iyengar.

At the Yoga Sanctum she teaches a range of classes from gentle to raw beginners and experienced yoga practitioners. She also provides yoga therapy private sessions for those who suffer from anxiety, depression, sleep problems, back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain.

The Yoga Sanctum is located near the golf course in Bray Park, Murwillumbah.

You don’t need to bring anything. Yoga mats and equipment are all provided. If you prefer to work on your own yoga mat, please bring it along.

To attend the Yoga Sanctum, you must book your first class. You will be directed to a class that suits your experience and needs.

The address of the Yoga Sanctum will be given at the time of booking.

Contact : Shri: 0412 53 1100. Email: info@yogasanctum.com.

Photos, class timetable and fees are all available to see on www.yogasanctum.com.