Featured Business: Holistic Coaching Service


Introducing a new holistic analysis and coaching service.

To be successful with your Health, Wellness and Personal Development goals, it’s essential to be accurate with your efforts.

This is true whether you are interested in improving your peak performance or you need to address a current health condition or pain.

You need a clear and accurate understanding of the influences surrounding and affecting you.

I provide information that can save you years of searching and frustration and drastically reduce time spent in mistake recovery.

You can accelerate your effectiveness of effort in reaching any Health, Wellness and personal Development goals.

You will immediately see a path forward to create more joy and fullness in your life.

I have been involved in the health, wellness and personal development industry for over 40 years on a personal and professional level.

This includes working with top athletes as well as people with very serious multiple health conditions. I have developed courses for and taught in Health Sciences at TAFE and RTO’s.

In addressing my own health concerns and personal goals I have had extensive experience with exercise, yoga, meditation, spiritual disciplines and high end coaching

Coaching is a personal relationship. To honour this relationship your first introductory meeting includes a short coaching session and is completely free and without obligation. This way you can see if our relationship will be of help in reaching your goals.

If you would like more information, or would like to book your first obligation free meeting, please call Ian on 0429 628 637.