Featured Business: The Chainsaw Guys

The Chain Saw Guys family

WE ARE are a family-based tree maintenance business and have been operating for over ten years in the local area.

Originally the family came up from Sydney in 1979 to a beautiful property in Stokers Siding – where we still are.

Mike and Belinda Thomas-Hall are the parents, and Skye, James, Peter and Jesse the four sons, all of whom grew up in this area and went to school in Murwillumbah. Skye and Peter have moved to the city whilst the rest of us are still here: also Edna from Colombia, who James met in Sydney three years ago; they are now married with one puppy-dog called Piki.

James bought himself a Chainsaw in 2001 and started learning the ropes in the tree industry. After a while his dad, Mike, started helping and gradually they built up the business together. Now they are fully equipped, certified and experienced for all types of tree work.

Very recently Mike and Belinda retired (more or less) and now James and Edna own and operate the business. Jesse, the youngest son, is valuable assistant and co-worker.
Our first aim is to provide good customer service, therefore to engage in constructive discussion to achieve the most satisfactory outcome.

There are often many possibilities open to a costumer where tree removal or trimming is concerned. We do our best to look at the various solutions so that the costumer’s best interests are served.

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