Featured Business: Michael’s Massage Service

Massage your stress away

LET OUR massage sooth away the stress… massage is an art!

If done correctly it can help with any number of elements as well as promoting a feeling of calmness and well being that lasts for longer than the treatment.

As a spokesman for Michael’s Massage Service he said the average person may be in pain from any number of daily activities – computer, working, building, gardening, hairdressing, sales, office work, lifting, over exercising or just being a parent.

Pregnant women who are uncomfortable and tired can benefit from a massage with Michael, available is a special mattress for those clients.

The clinic specializes in Swedish and therapeutic or relaxation massages which are done by a qualified masseur with 15 years experience.

Stroking, rubbing and kneading different areas of the body helps relieve tension, stress and restore subtleness to tight and sore muscles.

It also improves the blood circulation and boosts the body’s lymphatic system. You have the added benefit of a pair of sympathetic ears for an hour or however long you need at that time.

If Michael senses extra time is needed he is not a clock watcher. Of course you do not have to be sick or in pain to have a massage.

Many people have a weekly or fortnightly massage simply because they find it so enjoyable and feel great afterwards. Instead of waiting till you have to have one. I have times to suit the working person.

For appointments either at the clinic or for mobile service: Phone 0439 293 384. Gift Vouchers are available (see advert in Trades & Professional Services, under massage in The Weekly).