Community Garden appeals for funding assistance

Jenny Unwin, Pam O’Connor, Barry Firth and Cynthia Brook, working to establish the new Murwillumbah Community Garden

THE NEW Community Garden emerging next to the Murwillumbah Showgrounds is an inspiring vision of things to come, but funds are desperately needed to help the garden reach its full potential.

The Garden team includes Jenny, Pam, Barry and Cynthia (pictured), who are running an online fundraising campaign on, in a bid to fill the gap in funding.

The committee is working to a plan for the garden that according to Barry is “very community-oriented and multifaceted”.

“We expect to be able to offer not only garden beds where individuals can grow their own produce, but also a productive and recreational service and facility for a wide cross section of the community,” Barry said.

“We envisage establishing supply of fresh produce from our gardens and orchard to the Community Kitchen in Murwillumbah.

“There will be provision for disabled access. We intend to apply organic principles throughout.

“There will be plantings of native species also, to emphasise the beauty and usefulness of our local native plants.”

Murwillumbah Community Garden is a project of the Tweed Valley Rural and Community Advancement Co-operative (The Co-op), which has operated for many years as an organic food trading entity for its members.

“The Co-op would have liked to open a garden in past years, but it was not possible then,” Barry said.

“But we are going to turn that around.”

The committee said the garden has an excellent site of nearly one hectare, on Mooball Street, in a corner of the grounds managed by the Murwillumbah Showgrounds Trust, with whom the Garden committee has a paid-up lease agreement.

“It has been two years of work already, preparing the site, including removal of weed species such as camphor laurel, coral tree, Singapore daisy and Setaria grass,” Pam said.

“There has been substantial support from both Council and the Showgrounds Trust.

“The team has an approved Development Application with Council, outlining approved building and site development plans for the garden.

“An orchard has been planted out with 30 trees to a professionally-advised plan.

“The young trees are doing well.

“In short, we are poised to make great progress during the year ahead.”
Pam said the committee hope to run a series of workshops in which community members can take part, so people can engage with their achievements as they happen, and to educate participants on gardening, plants and food.

“We are here to stay, and the garden will continue to evolve forever,” Pam said.

“But we do need funds including works to establish our communal garden area, building works, water reticulation and completion of the orchard are our top priorities at present.”

Residents are encourage to visit the website and search Murwillumbah Community Garden project, and make a donation.

The online crowd funding campaign is running now and until March 16.

Anyone wanting to donate in other ways, or personally, can please contact Barry Firth on 0409 181 473, or email:


  1. What hours and days is the community garden open? I have looked at the Facebook page and haven’t received the information.

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