From class doodles to Comedy Central deals


TWEED River High School graduates Tom Hollis, Jarrad Wright and Izak Whear have signed a lucrative deal with Comedy Central in the USA for their rude and crude new cartoon that is a parody of what they say are “typical Tweed Aussies”.

The trio, who graduated in 2012 from Tweed River High School, are the creators of the animations The Big Lez Show and The Mike Nolan Show, both of which have achieved millions of views on YouTube and thousands of subscribers.

The boys spent their high school days doodling in the back of the classroom creating parody characters of Tweed locals.

But little did the students known that their drawings would become a cartoon sensation that’s caught the attention of television executives in the USA and could likely follow the likes of South Park and Beavis and Butthead.

“I didn’t do anything in school, I just bludged through the whole entire thing,” Mr Wright told the media recently.

“Then I just started making illustrations and drew comics sitting in class.”

The boys’ character Big Lez is an alien who takes the form of an overweight, grumpy middle-aged Aussie sporting a white singlet and white hair.

Mike Nolan is a stereotypical tradesman in his hi-visibility outfit.

The language is filthy and the characters are often portrayed taking drugs, swearing and generally wreaking havoc – something the curators said was their creative vent.

They began creating animations with the characters when they received free laptops at school in Year 10.

“Instead of drawing on paper we started drawing on MS Paint, and then we found out they had recording and video-editing programs,” Mr Wright said.

“Then I made an animation and posted it on Facebook, and everyone saw it and said ‘it’s funny as. When are you going to make another one?’”

The animation was made into a series posted on YouTube with each episode averaging close to a million views and over 360,000 subscribers.

The trio said they have been living off the cartoons for the past two years now and there’s every chance their visit to the US this month will see them land a TV deal.