Extras casting call for Murwillumbah film production

Concept art for Occupation

A FILM PRODUCTION company from the Gold Coast called Sparke Films is taking a keen interest in Murwillumbah as a possible film location and dozens of local extras desperately needed.

Whether it’s your first role as an extra or you’re a budding young star keen to get your foot in the door, this could be your big break.

The film’s title is Occupation, which is described as a massive ground invasion told from the perspective of a group of small town folk, who band together for survival and the chance to strike back at the invaders.

Sparke Films producer Carmel Imrie phoned The Weekly and said scouting for locations has already taken place across the Murwillumbah CBD, South Murwillumbah and Condong Mill.

“We are really interested in using the Murwillumbah Showgrounds and they’ve already expressed an interest,” she said.

“We’re also speaking to The Sugar Beat who are keen to be featured as another location, we’re just unsure about whether we could use Prospero Street for a shoot at this stage.”

The Weekly encouraged the production company, that’s responsible for films such as Red Billabong, Yesterday is History and soon-to-be released The 34th Battalion, to contact Tweed Shire Council and Mayor Katie Milne for more advice on Prospero Street.

“We need a lot of extras, especially for the showgrounds shoot, we need it to look packed,” the spokesperson for Sparke Films said.

“We have details about how to become an extra below and we hope everyone can be involved.”


Live on the Gold Coast or Northern NSW and want to be an extra in a feature film?

Come be part of the action. We are looking for people available between May 2 and June 10, day and night.

Email Sparke Films information and help secure your part in this Australian action film.

Don’t forget to add your name, age, phone number, available dates/times and a current photo.

Visit http://occupationthemovie.com/casting.php or send your application via email: occupationextras@outlook.com