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michaelBy Solar specialist Michael Le Messurier

TWEED RESIDENTS who are on the Solar Bonus Scheme could be in for a bill shock in 2017.

The Solar Bonus Scheme finishes on December 31, 2016, which means that residents and business owners who took advantage of the scheme will be no longer able to receive
the bonus.

For those who don’t know, what this means is that electricity retailers will only pay between 6c/kW and 10c/kW for solar power generated that isn’t used on site (net
Under the previous scheme, soon to expire, electricity retailers paid between 60c/kW and 20/kW whether you used the power on site or not (gross meter).

However, before you start to worry there are a number of options that are possible in order to reduce the impact of the changes on your power bill:

1. Ensure your home is energy efficient – using more modern appliances and things like LED lighting.
2. Be smart when you use your power – for example ensure washing and drying is completed during the day and or making sure your pool pump is running during the day when your solar panels are producing power

3. Add more solar panels to your existing system – this will depend on your current system and make up.

Most systems are over 5 years old and solar panels have progressed a long way in technology over this period meaning that you may need to replace your existing
solar panels and inverter.

There are Government rebates available on solar panels so this will reduce upfront cost.
4. Add battery storage – products such as the TESLA Powerwall enable you to store excess power generated from your solar panels during the day and then use that energy at night when the sun is not shining.
For residents who do not have Solar now, Why? As a general rule for every 1kW of solar panels on your roof, Solar can save you up to $100 off your power bill.

Power prices have been going up every year and will continue to do so.
This year alone was approx 15 per cent.

Combine this with excellent Government rebates means that buying a solar system now is a great way to reduce your power bill and to start your energy independence.

The Solar Man is holding a free information evening on Wednesday, December 7, at South Tweed Community Hall to learn about battery storage technologies and how it can benefit you whether you have solar installed or are thinking about in the future.

To find out more phone (07) 5523 2655 or email to reserve your place – places are limited.